Variable Villains

Variable Villains is a new series of pre-generated Super Criminals for use with the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Editon Hero's Handbook. It uses a story intensive background to set the stage for the unique villain to enter as a one-shot or to be used as a background or support villain for your own mastermind. 

It comes complete with multiple power level adjustments that can be used to scale your villain to your needs.

The First Villain is:

General Anarchy

The mastermind of terror wanted by NATO and several Intelligence agencies for crimes ranging from the sale of black market weaponry to black ops activites that have resulted in the deaths of important leaders around the world. His organization of operatives, named WetWorx, is available to the highest bidder for any activity, anywhere in the world. He is known to use any means necessary to carry out his contracts, and often has his ow agenda for any operation that he takes. 

This Villain and his WetWorx Officers and Troopers are included.

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